Tammy Rice
Stonyhill & Co.

Exhibiting at Studio P – Guest

Recycled inner tube jewerly, handbags & accessories

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Tammy Rice, Art Wander Artist


Tammy Rice

28 8th Street NE, #9
Rochester, MN 55906


I am Tammy Rice, a self-taught artist from Minnesota.

I have always naturally lived my own style of life, the way I dress, how I undertake things & what makes me tic. My heart is happy outside the normal & my art is no exception.

I create with discarded and used materials and recycling them into new distinctive creations.  My collections are made from various discarded inner tubes and found objects. In my designs I use tractor, heavy equipment & bicycle inner tubes.  Why my interest in inner tubes?

I was surprised to learn that inner tubes take years to decompose and that companies are not disposing of them properly because they have to pay fees to do so.  I started to wonder how I could re-purpose them into something useful, something that would express me as an artist & you as an individual. That was back in 2007 & today, I love creating more than the day before.

I am ever grateful to be an art warrior and a student of life and travel. Family and working with my hands are the two most important parts of my existence. Studied Politics and Russian, married French and procreated in Germany. I currently reside in Excelsior, MN.