Lisa Galbraith Heyl
Shiloa Wind Song

Exhibiting at Studio Q – Guest

Hand painted and woven fiber art baskets/sculptures
made from watercolor paper and acrylic paints;
and jewelry using high end metals and gemstones and man made components

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Lisa Galbraith Heyl

5760 Echo Road
Excelsior, MN 55331

I began making jewelry in 2004 using a variety of natural and high end man-made components.
In 2014 I began weaving fiber art sculptures using watercolor paper that I hand paint and texturized with acrylic paints. Because of my background in working with jewelry components I often embellish my woven fiber art pieces with jewelry, feathers, and other interesting objects.

I continue to be inspired by a variety of traditional and contemporary basketry weaving styles; and now some of my own patterns are emerging as I explore and discover.

I love to integrate and dance with colors, textures, and patterns when making jewelry and weaving fiber art sculptures.

My training as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher of the Alexander Technique has taught me about balance, transitions, integration, dynamic stability, and the integrity of tension and tone. All these qualities come into play in creating a seamless continuity that shapes and defines space, emotes, tells a story, brings the unexpected, and may take the observer on a journey of their own.

I find great joy and fulfillment in integrating seemingly disparate components until there is a beautiful, harmonious, and uplifting melody. This is how I know when one of my pieces is finished…it sings. And each piece has its own song. For me the highest expression of art is to bring beauty, joy, love, and harmony into the world. I hope my art will inspire others to create in their own unique way.