Jon Schmidt
Jon Schmidt Pottery

Exhibiting at Studio E – Host

Functional pottery

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Jon Schmidt, Art Wander ArtistJon Schmidt

The Mocha Monkey
115 S. Olive St.
Waconia, MN 55387

 Jon Schmidt is the owner of Mocha Monkey coffeehouse in Waconia, MN. He provides all handmade pottery as usable dishware and also displays and sells his pottery at the shop. Jon works out of a small studio in Chaska, MN but will have a wheel at Mocha Monkey and be providing demos for the weekend of the show.

Jon Schmidt Pottery strives to bring uniqueness and beauty to everyday functional dishware. Each piece has tiny flaws and differences that make it more interesting and celebrates the fact that it is handmade. He is influenced by the things that are used on a daily basis. Mugs, plates, bowls, cups, pitchers, and platters are just some of the things that Jon creates to be used frequently. It is so significant to be able to consistently use a unique and functional piece of art. Jon strives to create mugs that you want to drink coffee from, bowls that you want to eat cereal from, and plates that you want to eat a meal off of. Rather than using mass produced, factory made ceramics; it is much more meaningful to use unique pottery for daily functions, made by local artists.