John Adamiak

Exhibiting at Studio L – Guest

Mixed Media

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John R. Adamiak, Art Wander ArtistJohn R. Adamiak

6408 S. Hemingstone Trail
Sioux Falls,SD 57108

I think of my artwork as how deconstructed objects shape space and environment. My artwork is not with the intention to be about one subject or another. My artwork has always had a strong sense of nature, home, culture, and identity. I know what I think and feel, and where I get my inspiration. I rely on the viewer’s desire to not only finish lines within the artwork, but also connect to the piece and make conclusions for oneself.

I like how lines can be simple or complex within the work; how a viewer can slow down and look at every line and become more intimate with the artwork. I get my inspiration from my environment and everyday life. Balancing movement and unity within the work connects to how I work as an artist.

Being from the mid-west, I enjoy looking at the culture around me and consider how it has formed me as an artist and person. Artwork causes me to slow down and enjoy the process and in turn, hopefully make the viewer do the same. My influences are first and foremost everything that I come in contact with. I have always observed nature and I am not surprised that it is a large part of my artwork. Creative people create and that is why I make artwork.