Cynthia Anderson
Steel. Stone. Glass

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Cynthia Anderson, Art Wander ArtistCynthia Anderson

16315 Jonathan Carver Pkwy
Carver MN 55315

Growing up in a rural setting was the inspiration of my work. The natural outdoor setting gave way to exploration and exploration gave way to creative expression. There is a rare beauty in found materials and at a young age I discovered a new world. Taking something that was previously used and diminished and making it once again useful and beautiful. I have always enjoyed the process of creating something out of nothing by igniting its beauty through my interpretation of my findings.  I am drawn to steel, stone and kiln formed glass as my main mediums but I am comfortable in many and incorporate them into my work as needed.

My informal and formal training has led me to experiment and be creative in the serendipity of the materials that come to me.

I love the strength and the nature of steel and the vivid colors of the kiln formed glass and bringing them together is something that is natural for me.

My studio is set up to accommodate both the design and production of the kiln formed glass and also for steel welding and construction. My studio is located approximately 8 miles from my home just outside of Chaska, MN, where I reside with my husband and children.

My work is exhibited throughout the Midwest and Coastal United States. I welcome corporate and private commission work by appointment.

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