Cheryl Shohet
Cheryl Shohet Designs

Exhibiting at Studio D – Host

Jewelry and sculpture in metal, glass, ceramic and wood

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shohet-bioCheryl Shohet


Cheryl Shohet also known as Cheryl Colson, has been a resident of Waconia for 16 years. Originally from Chicago, Cheryl has been creating art in some form or other for most of her life. She has fine arts degrees in both illustration and metalsmithing.

While concentrating on painting and drawing, Cheryl looked for a therapeutic outlet. Something that simply felt fun. Here she found her true passion for metal. Jewelry and sculpture engaged her from the first moment she picked up a torch. The constant exchange between the tough resistance of metal and its surprising malleability ensures she keeps coming back for more.

Shohet is inspired by both nature and travel. She finds this intimate scale ideal for exploration of texture, color and imperfection.
“I create each piece of art for myself and am honored that others like it too.”