Patrice Geyen
Pieces by Patrice

Exhibiting at Studio J
Aspire Artisan Studios and Folk School

Focus in Nordic – Viking Knit, Sami, also historical/Renaissance

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Patrice Geyen

8410 Laketown Road
Chaska, MN  55318

I’ve always loved to create, whether in needlework, mosaic tile, or through nature’s palette in my gardens. I was brought up in a family with a strong Scandinavian heritage and learned many different crafts (if one didn’t have at least three simultaneous projects in different medias in my family, one wasn’t “normal”)! This Norwegian influence has evolved into Viking Knit and Sami designs, the Yggrdasil Tree of Life pendant from Norse mythology, and pendants of various Nordic runes. My love of history is also expressed in my timeless classics and Renaissance-style pieces where pearls and semi-precious gemstones are predominant.

Viking Knit is an ancient method of the Scandinavian peoples by weaving metal wire and has been found in archeological grave sites as an embellishment on artifacts. It is conjectured that the pure silver of woven wire was used for currency since it could be easily transported and exchanged by snipping off the desired amount.

The Sami people, previously known as Lapps or Laplanders, are the indigenous people of far northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Their traditional way of life was a nomadic one following the reindeer herds similar to Native Americans and the buffalo. The handicraft, called tenntrådsbroderier, is pewter thread jewelry using very fine pewter wire wound around cotton thread with reindeer leather and reindeer buttons, all which must be imported from Scandinavia.

My love of working with beads and creating jewelry began less than ten years ago when I received unused beads from family and found my “ah-hah” moment. I’m mostly self-taught and have discovered how therapeutic and satisfying it is to design, create, and finally hold a finished piece in my hands.

Originally from western Minnesota where I’m also involved in the Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl – “The Meander”, I’ve lived in the Waconia area with my husband, two daughters, and multiple pets for twenty-five years.