Mike Carlson

Exhibiting at Studio B

Stained glass yard and garden art inspired by nature.
Unique handmade items are often incorporated with repurposed materials.

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Mike Carlson

2525 Newcomb Ave SW
Cokato, MN 55321


Product Description:
Quirks produces handmade, unique stained glass yard art incorporating repurposed materials.  Inspired by nature, Quirks only uses natural materials including stone and metals.  The variations in the colors of the glass create individuality for each piece.  Quirks does not use any plastic materials.  Dragonflies, butterflies, fish, birds and flowers provide inspiration for our pieces that are made to be outside year round.  Solar lights are also incorporated into many of Quirk’s pieces.

Process Description:
Each piece is individually created in a multi-step process.  Glass pieces are hand cut using a glass cutter.  The glass pieces are then individually wrapped with foil copper tape. They are then soldered together using a soldering iron and lead solder.  Once assembled, pieces are coated with patina, giving the soldered seams a dark or copper finish.  Metal pieces are also individually cut with metal scissors and incorporated with glass or stone beads and metal wire.

Quirks also uses glass slumping or fusing techniques in some of it’s pieces.  This is done in a kiln heated up to 1600 degrees.  Glass is “slumped” by placing individually cut pieces over forms and firing in the kiln until the glass melts over the form, giving the glass a new 3 dimensional shape.  Fusing is done by layering pieces of glass and then heating the glass until it fuses, or sticks, together.