Marcia Lydeen-Reichert

Exhibiting at Studio H – Guest

Jewelry and repurposed art

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Marcia Lydeen-Reichert

Excelsior, MN 55331


lydeen: a name I adopted from my Grandma when my life took a sharp left turn a while back. her beautiful watch, she had as a girl, with her initials engraved on the back for Agnes Lydeen, is my treasured keepsake. that’s when my love for antiques began and shows up in my jewelry today. i’m always on the hunt for vintage bits to repurpose. Vintage keys, buttons, coins and other treasures have all found their way into my heart and in turn, into my designs.

i’m self-taught, mostly. no degree, no professional schooling, just a love and some beads got me started in 1992 and still excite me today. i look for things that strike my heart and as each component finds the other, the line of lydeen is created.

my home is definitely where my heart is…in excelsior, mn, with my wonderful husband and two dogs. we love to simply hang out together…whatever it is…uhhh, junking, yes, please! i have two step-kids, an son-in-law, and two precious grand-daughters, all of whom i adore…they have all changed my life in a million fabulous ways.

my heart is full. i hope it shows…