Jeff Lenzmeier
JL Pottery

Exhibiting at Studio B – Host

Wheel thrown and hand built pottery & sculpture

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Jeff Lenzmeier, Art Wander ArtistJeff Lenzmeier

13525 102nd Avenue
Cologne, MN 55322

As a child, I enjoyed the creative building process.  This love led me to study art at St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict.  While there, I discovered my passion for the clay medium.  Sr. Dennis Frandrup and Richard Bresnahan, with whom I studied, excited my inner being, and with their help, I realized that working with clay would always be a part of my life.   Collaborating and conversing with others who shared my passion led me to continue my studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato to study art education.  I see teaching as a way to pass on my love and excitement for the creative process; I want to inspire others to explore their artistic passions, as well.  I have taught art for 20+ years in both public and private schools.

I love the feel of clay; I love the ability to make so many unique pieces, and I like the endless possibilities that are available when working with clay.  The textures and colors of the surface of the pot excite and inspire me.  I work with two methods to create my ware, wheel thrown and hand building.  The wheel thrown pieces are simple utilitarian pieces that are made for everyday use.  The hand built pieces have rough edges and surface textures that are inspired by natural elements such as tree bark, slightly decomposed leaves, and rock surfaces.  I use a simple palette focused on browns, rusts, and greens that remind me of my favorite season, fall.   The blues in my palette remind me of water and sky, reminiscent of the many days of my youth spent outside and by the lakes and rivers of Minnesota.

A few years ago I was encouraged to begin showing and selling my work.  Working in clay has provided me with a creative outlet that has served me well.  My hope is that the pieces I create will find homes with people who will enjoy the touch and feel of the wares.  Thus the buyer will possess a piece that is unique and crafted with care.  The feel and look of something handmade helps build a connection to the material and maker of the piece.  I feel that this connection makes the experience of a cup of coffee or bowl of soup a bit more exciting.