Susan Lince
Lynx North Studio

Exhibiting at Studio O

Abstract, acrylic mixed media paintings

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Susan Lince, Art Wander ArtistSusan Lince

117 Oak St N
Chaska, MN 55318

Art was a joy for me when I was very young, as a spontaneous and intuitive process –drawing, painting, doing collage, and designing. As the theme of art has threaded through my life over decades, I have produced art, studied art, taught art, collected art, shown my own art, created shows for other artists, sold my art, and married an artist.
My B.A. in Fine Arts from Oberlin College increased my skill in creating two-dimensional art, especially drawing, printmaking, and painting. Since I earned my degree in the sixties, I was immersed in the contemporary art of the times, including Abstract Expressionism. The understanding of basic art elements that are necessary for producing and appreciating this kind of art has been an important stimulus for me ever since. I have used this appreciation not only in my own artwork which I have done primarily for my own enjoyment, but it has also been one of the bases of my influence on others.

Recent personal journeys into reflections on aging and spirituality have been more inward, and have resulted in series of abstract paintings. Some of these have been painted as interactions with poetry that I have written on the same themes, such as stones crying over injustice. In a newer series of mixed media acrylic paintings, stones are crying about dire events happening to the environment due to Climate Change. I have discovered glorious Lake Superior and have begun to integrate the stones and wood from its beaches into my abstracts. I have also begun working recently in fabric, creating machine-stitched collaged abstracts.

I have shown paintings in Red Wing, MN, and in Chaska MN at the Arboretum, the Chaska Community Center, and the Sower Gallery at Shepherd of the Hill Church. I participated in the Art Wander in 2015.

I am a volunteer co-curator with my husband at the Sower Gallery in at the Shepherd of the Hill Church in Chaska. My paintings, photographs, and poetry can be seen on my website www.