Sue Christensen
Nameless Wildness Clayworks

Exhibiting at Studio A

Patchwork pottery, both handbuilt stoneware and slipcast porcelain

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Sue Christensen

1800 Taylor Street NE
Minneapolis MN 55418

I make stoneware vessels and wall pieces in a style that I call “patchwork.”  It’s loosely based on crazy quilts and incorporates textures from household objects, nature, architecture, car parts and whatever else catches my eye.  Lately I’ve been leaning toward handbuilding my own textures out of tiny clay coils, balls, leaves and such, and incorporating carved sketches into my work.   My pieces are either handbuilt from white stoneware clay or slipcast in porcelain, then dried, bisque-fired to cone 06,  underglazed, sponged off, hand painted with multicolored glazes and fired to cone 5 (about 2100 degrees F).  All of my work is food safe and can be put in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher, although some pieces are not suited to holding liquids.