Jennifer Ionta
Spotted Moon Designs

Exhibiting at Studio G – Host

Glass Beadmaker and Metalsmith

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Jennifer Ionta, Art Wander ArtistJennifer Ionta

1303 Dunsmore Dr.
Waconia, MN 55387

Jennifer’s background includes Fine Arts training as well as 15 years as a graphic artist. She has worked with metal, fiber and textiles, clay, enamels as well as some painting and drawing, but her true love is working in 3 dimension.

A birthday present in 2004 of a 2-day intensive glass beadmaking workshop with Jeff Barber opened up a whole new world of creative self-expression and exploration.

Her glass beads are rich with earthy tones and deep saturated colors. She likes to melt silver leaf into her beads as it has an interesting relationship to the glass – defying control and predictability to bring mystery and a sense of surprise to her work. Recently she has returned to working with metals, mostly copper and silver. She uses her hand-made beads, both metal and glass, to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Recently expanding her horizons, Jennifer has been using her artistic eye and graphic skills to create websites, specializing in working with artists.