Chiaki O’Brien
Studio FUN

Exhibiting at Studio J – Guest

Saori handwoven items – scarves, bags, pins and wearable art

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Chiaki O'Brien, Art Wander ArtistChiaki O’Brien

1475 Meadow Lane
Chaska, MN 55318

Chiaki O’Brien is a SAORI Leaders Committee Certificate recipient. She and her husband Dan are the only two certified instructors in Midwest as of Feb. 2012. Chiaki worked as an instructor for the SAORI head office in Japan. She brought SAORI Weaving to Minnesota when she and Dan moved from Japan in 2004 and opened a home studio SAORI Studio “FUN”. They have been planting “SAORI Seeds” whenever and wherever they can such as teaching at schools for artists in residence, in several community education programs for people with or without disabilities, at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, Shepherd’s Harvest (MN), North Country Fiber Fair (SD) and at art shows as well as exhibiting at the University of Minnesota (2011), Hudson Hospital and Clinics (2011) and Penny George Institute for Health and Healing (Studio Show in 2012).